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A little something about us

Wamms provides personalised tuition for children from 4 to 18 years. We offer exceptional study programmes tailored to meet the individual needs of your child, whatever their ability or aspirations. We provide expert mentoring and coaching for all students giving them the opportunity to increase their confidence and reach their full academic potential, whether that may be a short-term boost in a specific subject, or to focus on the necessary skills to ensure exam success at every level.

The greatest damage to children is feeling like they are failing. We work with children to understand their unique learning style and ultimately to foster a love of learning. In return, children who come to Wamms learn how to think and learn, and to face challenges with a newly instilled confidence and positive attitude.


At Wemms, we believe in the importance of being able to look in a mirror and respect our reflection. It is how we conduct ourselves when no-one is watching that is the key to peace of mind, integrity and personal success.


We prepare students with stamina, organization skills and emotional strength to be better prepared. All of our tutorings is one-on-one. This approach eliminates the social pressures that often hold students back from admitting confusion or difficulty.


Each student needs something different to be totally prepared for an exam. Some need to be pushed past self-limiting beliefs while others need support and anxiety relief. Understanding these differences lets us adapt our tutoring to meet each student’s best style of learning.