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English Tuition

By completing our initial free assessment, your child can inform our English Tutors to focus on your child’s English learning targets to ensure that we provide whatever educational support they may need. We offer bespoke programmes for every pupil.


SATs Preparation

Our inspirational teachers use our Exclusive to Wemms materials to provide structured lessons in Maths, Reading making sure that your child can achieve the best possible score.


7+ Entrance Exams Tuition

Preparation is vital for your child’s success and ensuring that they feel ready to face the challenges of each stage of the entrance process from written exams to interviews.


11+ Entrance Exams Tuition

Performing well in exam conditions at any age requires professional support and tailored tuition. Our advanced programmes ensure that children are not only taught how to perform academically but are also equipped with the vital skills needed to cope psychologically during this experience.


13+ Entrance Exams Tuition

Exam technique and past papers are key to ensuring students have the best chance to succeed at Common Entrance. Our experienced teachers use our 13+ exam practice papers which are updated regularly, cover the full syllabus in Maths and English and offer an accurate reflection of the actual exams that your child will take. At Schoolpedia we want every child to achieve the best possible score.


KS1 Tuition for Age 5 – 7

We firmly believe that literally any child can reach their full potential and achieve their goals. They just need the right tuition.


KS2 Tuition for Age 7 – 11

To be taught in a way they understand and we are here to make sure that they do understand. Understanding is the foundation to success.


GCSE Tuition

Key stage 4 (GCSE) is very challenging and your child needs to be taught in a way they understand and we are here to make sure that they do understand.


A-Level Tuition

The stronger the foundation the more you can build. That’s why we always help with their school’s homework and offer them preparation for their exams with plenty of practice and revision. By understanding key concepts they get the right boost of confidence and the best grades.


UCAS Applications

At Wemms we will provide you with independent advice on how to submit a high quality UCAS application. To start your application, take the first step and arrange your free consultation today.

Rated 4.00 out of 5

Maths Tuition

Your child’s future depends on a stable education and a love of learning. We truly know you want the best for your child, in school and in life that’s why we work hard to teach your child how to learn so, they can build their confidence and skills to be successful in school and beyond. A life-changing experience for every child we teach.